Treating the Toughest Industrial Wastewater

Membrane solutions built to handle organic-heavy waste streams. We make it easy to manage the logistics, compliance, or reuse of challenging wastewater.



Our membranes are built from a breakthrough zwitterionic copolymer that can solve organic separation challenges that would be infeasible for other technologies. Our innovation is not a modification of an existing chemistry, but rather a new material that maintains remarkable fouling resistance and precision separation - all at low cost. 

Our mission is to upend the traditional wastewater calculus and help operators implement more sustainable methods of wastewater management.

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Reduce organic-heavy (high BOD, COD, TOC, O&G) wastewater volumes, creating clean permeate that is safe for discharge or onsite reuse.



Remove common organic foulants to protect post-treatment equipment. Improves downstream performance and reduces maintenance and downtime.

Selective Separation


True, size-based separation without charge-interference. Retain valuable nanoscale constituents with consistency and confidence.



ZwitterCo Awarded $1.25M Grant from Department of Energy

October 7th, 2019

"The focus of the grant is to accelerate the development and commercialization of innovative treatment technologies that will transform the energy sector’s produced water from an environmentally hazardous waste to a recoverable resource..."

The National Science Foundation Hereby Awards a Grant of $225k to ZwitterCo

ZwitterCo Selected for the Imagine H2O Accelerator Cohort

February 7th, 2019

December 18th, 2018

"This project under the direction of Christopher Drover, Ayse Asatekin is entitled: Extremely fouling resistant nanofiltration membranes treating organic-rich wastewater... This grant is awarded pursuant to the authority of the National Science Foundation..."

"Imagine H2O has selected the next group of outstanding water companies for the 2019 accelerator...  ZwitterCo (Somerville, Ma - USA) Removing organics from industrial wastewater is an operator's biggest daily challenge. Although today's membranes..."



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